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Developed for your beauty.

Senzera cosmetics is the body care range developed specially for Senzera. The products are designed specifically for the needs of the skin before and after professional hair removal.


Created for smooth skin.

Discover the Senzera cosmetics range specially developed by Senzera. The seven products have been developed specifically to care for your skin before and after a professional hair removal by sugaring, waxing or permanent hair removal. They help to calm your skin and thus prevent skin irritations.

One special feature of our body care is the AntiGrow Complexwhich is included in most products. A purely natural active ingredient—from Ayurvedic medicine—reduces cell activity in hair follicle. The growth rate and density of our body hair depend on the activity of these hair follicles, which is why hair regrowth is slower and finer. The Senzera cosmetics products thus extend the wonderful feeling of soft and smooth skin.

Our product range offers the right body care for every skin type and many cosmetic problems. If you come to our salon for a treatment, we will spoil your skin after the treatment with our Senzera cosmetics products.

Unsere Pflegeprodukte erhältst Du in unserem Online-Shop oder beim Besuch in einem unserer Senzera-Studios in Deiner Nähe. Gerne beraten wir Dich persönlich, welche Produkte die richtige Pflege für Deine Haut sind.


with active ingredients for problem skin.


Blemished skin or skin with large pores has a greater tendency to minor inflammations and therefore needs special care with special active ingredients. The clearing bodywash and the skin control lotion not only offer targeted protection against inflammations, but also encourage skin renewal. In addition, both products clear blocked pores to prevent the formation of new impurities in future. They also clear up small spots, e.g. in your décolleté, on your back or on your arms.


Skin control lotion:

Salicylic acid encourages the removal of the outer skin cell layers so that the skin is stimulated to renew more quickly thanks to it shedding more quickly. The healthy skin renewal is supported by the important trace element zinc. What’s more, skin control lotion clears up impurities and ensures a matt finish with its oil-absorbing ingredients.

Clearing bodywash:

Echinacea and with hazel have an anti-bacterial effect and thus counteract infections, whereas melissa and camomile clam the skin at the same time. The known healing powers of camomile also impede the growth of new bacteria, ensuring a smooth appearance. Allantonin stimulates cell renewal, resulting in a glowing, fresh appearance.