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Nurturing facial treatments and stylish lashes

Whether a cosmetic facial treatment, eyelash extension, plucking eyebrows or just a relaxing facial massage: every client will find the right facial treatment for his or her personal needs here.


Everything about your smile.

Bei Senzera bieten wir Dir verschiedene Gesichtsbehandlungen mit Dermalogica oder Pure Altitude an. Vor jeder Behandlung erstellt unsere ausgebildete Kosmetikerin eine Hautbild-Analyse, um anschließend mit den richtigen Produkten optimal auf Deine Hautbedürfnisse einzugehen.

We offer three different stages of lash extension to ensure seductive eyes with a wow effect that is right for you. Your facial beauty experience is rounded off by eyebrow treatments and relaxing massages.

Treatments for the perfect look for the eyes
Individual skin analysis


for your beauty

We offer various treatments, whether for your eyes or the perfect care for the skin on your face.

Gesunde Haut ist schöne Haut. Bei Senzera in Aachen, Berlin, Bochum, Bonn, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Essen, Köln und Leipzig bieten wir Dir ab sofort Gesichts­behandlungen mit Dermalogica an – der Nr. 1 unter den professionellen Hautpflegemarken weltweit.


Discover your skin health.

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Face Mapping skin analysis

In the first stage, your skin is analysed with the patented skin analysis from Dermalogica. This is how our skincare experts identify all of the needs and special features of your skin. You will be given a personalised Skin Fitness Plan, individual product recommendations and product samples − matched to your skin.

Dermalogica treatment

The Face Mapping is followed by the treatment that is specially tailored to the individual needs of your skin. We recommend the Dermalogica 10-minute Face Fit treatments at quick problem solvers. These short treatments will make your skin glow again in a very short time.

Care at home

To improve your skin’s appearance in the long term, it is also important to pay attention to the right care at home. Only a regular skincare routine with products specially matched to your skin type achieves the best results. We will give you product samples to test after your Face Mapping.

Plucking, Shaping & Tinting Eyebrows

Well-groomed brows shown in the best light

For most people, perfect eyebrows are part of a well-groomed appearance. Styled brows skilfully draw attention to your glance and give you seductive eyes. The sweep and the shape are the key features for perfect eyebrows.

Plucking eyebrows

Well-groomed eyebrows skilfully draw attention to your glance and give you seductive eyes. The sweep and the shape are the key features for perfect eyebrows.

Shaping eyebrows

Do you want perfect eyebrows? Here, your eyebrows are shaped with waxing or sugaring and even the smallest, annoying hairs are removed. Sugaring in particular is ideally suited to this sensitive area. In shaping, the shape of your eyebrows is completely redefined in consultation with you.

Tinting eyebrows

The eyebrow hairs can be tinted with special dyes to give light eyebrows more contour.

Facial Treatments & Facial Massages

Gentle treats for your face with individual treatments for every skin need.

Facial treatment − make your skin glow again with a targeted treatment appropriate for your skin type and spoil yourself with a relaxing facial massage. You will feel fresh and rejuvenated after the treatment. Your skin will look even and pure.

Relax with one of our many facial treatments. As well as the actual treatment, we will be happy to pamper you with a relaxing massage to make you dream. Leave your everyday stresses behind and do yourself and your body some good. After the treatment, you are fresh and rejuvenated and your skin is soft and nurtured. Our beauty therapists will be happy to advise you on which treatment is best for you according to your wishes and your skin type.

You can choose your facial treatment from three varieties and then tailor it exactly to your wishes. Whether with or without a facial massage or just your face or an all-round programme with face and décolleté. You decide what is good for you and what your treatment should look like.

If you have any questions about our treatments, feel free to ask us about them. We are happy to help. Or visit us in person in one of our salons and make an appointment or ask for advice. The prices of the individual treatments can be found on the individual salon pages. Studioseiten.



Treatment area and duration

This variety of facial treatment contains the basic treatment.


  • 30 to 40-minute treatment


Skin analysis

Before the treatment starts, your beauty therapist will analyse the condition of your skin and identify the main focus of the treatment with you.


Cleansing and exfoliation

The treatment starts with facial cleansing and a soothing exfoliator.


Removing skin impurities with vapozone

Any skin impurities are now removed. With prior steam treatment or not, as you wish.


Calming the skin with a mask

A soothing mask calms your skin after the cleansing.


Toner and moisturiser

The toner prepares your skin for the end of the treatment with the moisturiser.


  • Beautiful Skin Premium


    Treatment area and duration

    The Beautiful skin premium treatment comes out of the basic treatment. Everyday stress is caressed out of your face and you feel fresh and relaxed.


    • 50 to 60-minute treatment


    Skin analysis

    Also with this treatment your appointment starts with a detailed analysis of your skin condition.


    Facial cleansing & peeling

    After the skin analysis your skin will be prepared for further treatment with a facial cleansing and a peeling.


    Removing skin impurities with vapozone

    Then skin impurities can be removed with Vapozon if desired.


    Calming the skin with a mask

    A caring mask has a soothing effect on your skin.


    Toner and moisturiser

    Afterwards the toner and a day care complete the treatment.


    facial massage

    So that you and your skin recover all around, the everyday stress is massaged from your face at the end.



    Treatment area and duration

    The Beautiful skin deluxe treatment is the result of the basic treatment. Everyday stress is caressed from your face and neck and your eyebrows are shaped or your eyelashes are tinted.


    • 70 to 80-minute treatment


    Facial cleansing and peeling

    First you get a cleansing for face and décolleté and a soothing peeling.


    Skin analysis

    To continue your treatment appropriately, our beautician will perform a skin analysis.


    Removing skin impurities with vapozone

    Blackheads and other skin impurities are gently removed here.


    eyebrow or eyelash treatment

    During the treatment you can still get your eyebrows in shape or give your eyelashes a matching color.


    Calming the skin with a mask

    A gentle mask soothes your skin and gives you extra rest and recovery time.


    facial massage

    A facial and neck massage lets you quickly forget the stress of everyday life.


    Toner and moisturiser

    At the end of your beauty break the toner and a suitable day care is applied.



    Treatment area and duration

    In addition to the various forms of facial cleansing, you can also only indulge yourself with a facial massage. Relax during the massage and leave everyday stress behind you.

    • You decide on the duration of the treatment


Senzera helps you achieve perfect eyes

Eyelash extensions − the Hollywood trend for long, expressive and natural lashes. Extensions are when individual lashes are stuck to your natural eyelashes. This makes the fan of your lashes fuller and you can get up in the morning freshly styled. The lashes are available in various lengths, curls and thicknesses. The lash extensions can thus be matched precisely to your needs and wishes.

When carrying out eyelash extensions, our beauty therapists make sure that the result of the extension corresponds to your wishes and emphasises your natural looks. The natural and elegant look should not appear artificial. Our beauty therapists are also happy to advise you on how you can best emphasise your type with our treatment and bring it to light more.

Inserting individual lashes in the lash line is gentler and more effective than extension with clusters of lashes. With the clusters of lashes you have a less natural result and the existing lashes may break off or fall out. With eyelash extensions using individual lashes, we give you the opportunity to give your eyes more expression without damaging your natural lashes or changing your natural look.

At Senzera you can choose between several types of eyelash extension. This is how you can find the ideal solution for you. Eyelash extensions are pain-free and the results are long-lasting.


Eyelash extension natural


With this form of eyelash extension, approx. 80 individual eyelash extensions are placed on your existing lashes. The result is amazing lashes that also look natural. After three weeks you should go for a fresh-up because some lashes will be shed due to natural hair loss.

Eyelash extension xtreme


With lash extensions with approx. 120 individual lashes your eyes will look amazing. But the result still appears natural because the lashes have been attached individually. This type of eyelash extension should also be freshened up after about three weeks.

Eyelash extension dramatic


This is where things get dramatic. By inserting approx. 150 individual eyelashes in your natural lash line, your eyes will be expressive and glamorous. To keep the result in this shape, you must ensure that your lashes are freshened up after approx. 3 weeks due to natural lash shedding.

To preserve the results of the treatment, after approx. 3 weeks you should freshen up your lashes, where another approx. 30 lashes will be inserted in your lash line.


    We have a steady hand! At Senzera the eyelashes are dyed according to the wishes of the guest with specially matched colors.

Preparing and After-Care for Your

Eyelash Extension Appointment

Here are a few tips for perfect preparation and after-care for you appointment to ensure that you get perfect lashes.

Before your appointment

  • Please do not wear any eye make-up for 12 hours before your appointment. Clean your eyes thoroughly with a mild, water-based cleanser and don’t use any cream.
  • Before your appointment, don’t shape your lashes with an eyelash curler.
  • Don’t consume any diet tablets, drinks containing caffeine or energy drinks before your appointment because they make your eyes twitchy.
  • Please remove contact lenses for your appointment.

After your appointment

  • The lashes will last for up to 2 months, with a regular fresh-up. A natural lash falls out after 60 - 90 days. Due to this natural cycle, a complete new treatment is needed every two months. We recommend that you have your lashes freshened up at intervals of 2-3 weeks.
  • With the lashes you don’t really need to wear mascara any more. But if you do use mascara for a special occasion, we recommend that you only emphasise the ends of your lashes and then remove it carefully with oil-free remover.
  • In general, you should avoid rubbing your lashes when washing your face or removing make-up.
  • Please note, that the lashes must not get wet for 48 hours after treatment because the adhesive has a curing time of 24 to 48 hours. After this, the lashes are resistant to water, sweat and tears. You can then fully enjoy your beauty.


  • What material are the eyelashes made of during extension?

    The Senzera Lashes are made of synthetic fibres and are shaped in such a way that they give your lashes a natural curl. The amount and length is individually adapted to your needs and lashes. Let our competent colleagues in the studio advise you before your treatment.

  • Which facial care brand does Senzera work with?

    We carry out our facials with the Pure Altitude brand - an exclusive care line from the French Alps. All products combine the virtues of alpine flora with wonderfully sensual and gently melting textures.

  • Are contact lenses a problem?

    Contact lenses are completely unproblematic for the eyebrows and facial treatments. You should only remove the contact lenses from the cabin for safety's sake when treating eyelash extensions or dyeing eyelashes.

  • What is the difference between plucking and modeling eyebrows?

    Our eyebrow plucking treatment frees your existing eyebrows from the surrounding annoying hairs and maintains their shape. If you have a eyebrow modelling treatment, the shape and momentum will be redefined in consultation with you, especially if you have never had an eyebrow treatment before.