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Hair removal is an important part of many people's beauty routine.

The trend and general beauty ideals have been towards hair-free body parts for many years. In the 1990s, the trend of Brazilian waxing swept into the USA from Brazil and mainly conquered the women there. This type of hair removal then gradually came over to Europe, and finally became generally known thanks to the series “Sex and the City”. brazilian waxing This type of hair removal gradually came to Europe and finally became generally known through the series "Sex and the City".


Hair removal already has a long tradition.

Already in ancient Egypt it belonged to a beautiful, well-kept exterior and with various aids such as polished shells or resins the unpopular hairs were tackled. Also in ancient Rome hair removal belonged to the beauty ritual and was removed with tweezers or coarse gloves. Women removed at that time in the bath facilities leg, armpit and pubic hair. From the Middle Ages there are only few documents, which give information about hair removal. It is certain, however, that the practice gives information about hair removal.


Among many primitive people, hair removal was, or still is, also essential for protection against parasite infestation. It is also noticeable that on many famous paintings, such as the Birth of Venus by Botticelli or The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo, no body or pubic hair can be seen − just take a look for yourself!

The pioneers in Europe were mainly the southern countries, such as Spain and Italy, because more skin was shown more often there than in northern Europe due to the warm temperatures. The French also quickly became big fans of hair removal.


But hair removal is not only a matter of hygiene or aesthetics. In Oriental cultural groups, for example, it is also carried out for religious reasons. Gentle hair removal with sugar paste, also called halawa there, is especially popular.


Sugaring is one of the oldest methods of hair removal and is also available at Senzera. With a paste made of purely natural ingredients (sugar, water, lemon), which is pulled off in the direction of hair growth, hair removal becomes a much less painful experience. The precursors to sugar paste come from Ancient Egypt, have been further developed in the Middle East today and have now come to us in Europe.


At home in every country in the world

There are different preferences for which parts of the body to remove hair from, and how. Whereas European and American women prefer to have their bikini area smooth, complete hair removal is a no-go for Japanese women. There, just like in Africa, hair in the bikini area is a symbol of femininity and fertility. It is even common to add a little help with a pubic wig if your own pubic hair is not sufficiently luxuriant. Hard to imagine for us, isn’t it?


We have made the subject of hair removal our passion.

Regardless of whether by means of classic waxing or gentle sugaring, we are your experts and first point of call for hair removal. In 2005 we were among the first people to bring waxing to Germany. In 2008 we then added sugaring to our offerings as another hair removal method. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are your expert partner for anything to do with hair removal.

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