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Skin care after professional hair removal

What to consider

Waxing, sugaring, lasering - there are many methods for hair removal. But what happens if the hair is gone but redness and itching occur?

In this article we want to show you how to properly care for and soothe your skin after treatment.


If your skin is irritated after waxing or sugaring and you are wondering how to get rid of the redness, try this simple home remedy: get a washcloth ready and take some cold water (alternatively, you can use ice cubes to moisten the washcloth or fill it with the ice cubes). In either case, it is important to keep the washcloth moist and cool. The cooling will soothe and relax the skin and make redness and irritation subside. It is also important that you give the freshly waxed skin enough room to breathe. Loose clothing, preferably made of cotton, is therefore the order of the day. Synthetics or too tight clothing, on the other hand, can intensify skin irritations. It is also important to drink enough water. Only sufficient hydration ensures that the skin can regenerate properly after the treatment. In addition to these tips, you should observe the following after the treatment:

Tips to care for your skin after hair removal



Watch out for ingrown hairs

Especially curly or curled hairs can grow under the skin by twisting during regrowth and cause a painful inflammation. To prevent the hairs from growing in after waxing & sugaring, we recommend gentle exfoliation of the skin with a loofah sponge. 



Forgo make-up, deodorant, etc.

Especially sensitive skin areas need a little break after hair removal. Above all, on the face, armpits and genital area, you should avoid makeup, deodorant and excessive creaming with very greasy products for at least half a day after treatment. Instead, allow the skin some time to recover and breathe after hair removal.



Finde die passenden Produkte

The right after care also depends on the correct products. Our senzera cosmetics range has products for every skin need, including yours. We have compiled some recommendations from our care series for you.


The right care after a bikini waxing

The intimate area is particularly sensitive and after intimate waxing the skin reacts quickly irritated. So do not be surprised if it itches after hair removal. This is quite normal and subsides after a few days. It is only important that you do not scratch, as this will irritate the skin even more and can possibly inflame it. Instead, for proper care after intimate waxing, we recommend skin care products that gently soothe the skin and avoid harsh fragrances and ingredients like tea tree oil. For example, our "calming comfort cream" which calms even sensitive skin types and nurishes the skin. Furthermore itchy skin will be cooled and eased.

Care after waxing

The skin is particularly sensitive after hair removal, which is why special care is the most important thing during waxing. A warm, not too hot shower in combination with nourishing soaps and lotions is a good way to relax the irritated skin. That is why we recommend our "clearing bodywash". The active ingredients echinacea and witch hazel are antibacterial and cleanse the skin, while chamomile gently soothes and nourishes the skin. We have also put together the right care for you for waxing and sugaring in the intimate area. 

Care after epilation

At Senzera, we offer you gentle hair removal methods that lead to even hair growth through regular repetition. If you reach for a razor or epilator in the meantime, you will upset the growth cycles of your hair again. During the Corona period, this has certainly happened to you. That's why we would like to briefly show you how to properly care for yourself after epilation in order to be optimally prepared for the continuation of your waxing and sugaring treatment.

Since you put a lot of stress on your skin during epilation, it is important to add enough moisture. Therefore, it is recommended to use moisturizing creams such as calming comfort cream after epilation.

What should I do after laser hair removal?

In most cases, permanent hair removal with the laser does not cause significant damage to the skin. However, gentle washing with warm water and care with rich creams and soaps will help to avoid redness and dry patches even after laser hair removal. 

What cream after hair removal?

Immediately after waxing you can start using the calming comfort cream With pure thermal water and avocado oil your skin gets gentle and moisturizing care. This way you prevent possible irritations. Regular creaming after showering and bathing helps to keep your skin soft and smooth. For deep, long-lasting moisture, we also recommend using our rich body butter. It provides particularly long-lasting moisture and reliably protects the skin after hair removal, even in cold weather. We are happy to advise you on the selection of the right care products to suit your skin type. Especially for particularly sensitive skin areas such as the face and intimate areas, the right care is crucial.

What should I do in case of allergic reactions after waxing & sugaring?

Skin burdened by allergies is particularly sensitive. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that a reaction may occur after treatment even with high-quality products and techniques. Allergic reactions may appear as wheals and red spots. If you notice that your skin reacts allergically after the treatment, please let us know immediately (if you are already aware of complications from waxing, please inform us before the treatment). If you already have symptoms, we recommend soothing creams with aloe vera and without fragrances. If your skin does not react well to waxing, we recommend sugaring for your next treatment. The gentle care with sugar, water and lemon juice is vegan and very tolerable. Or maybe you're looking for a permanent hair removal option and have been thinking about using our SHR and Hyperpulse technology.