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SHELLAC & gelcolor by OPI

Long lasting colour experience for your nails

Gel and Shellac are THE nail innovations of the past years. Reason for the hype: perfectly lacquered nails that remain flawless for up to three weeks. Especially during the summer, such a permanent solution is tempting to escape the constant madness of lacquering. With gelcolor by OPI you can experience all the advantages of this permanent lacquering.


gelcolor by OPI Treatments

That's how it works:


gelcolor by OPI Nails can last for two to three weeks (so you can survive longer holidays). Drying under a UV or LED lamp instead of in the air also makes it possible to quickly correct small mistakes. Another plus is that the nails look extremely natural, especially compared to gel or acrylic nails. In addition, the nail polish is scratch and impact resistant and can withstand virtually all everyday work, from dishwashing to gardening. So thanks to the special technology, you have especially long, beautiful, well-kept nails without fear of the paint splitting off.


In a first step, after degreasing the nail, a thin layer of Base Coat is applied and cured for 30-60 seconds. After that, nail varnish paint and Top Coat with curing under the UV or LED lamp are applied in further layers.


The good thing about this is that the nail is not filed or roughened at any stage of the treatment and thus retains its healthy structure.


You should look out for that:


So that the varnish really lasts so long and also looks beautiful, you should Manicure or pedicure You should also take a short nail polish break every now and then after removing the varnish so that the nails can recover. It is best to pamper the nails afterwards with a nail bath or special care products that also strengthen your nails.