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Senzera yesterday, today and tomorrow

That is our ideal and aspiration; the basis of our work. Every day we endeavour to ensure that every guest leaves our salon feeling that they were met with a smile and were treated professionally. We want each guest to feel more comfortable in their own skin after visiting us.
But this motto also has a second, additional facet for us: Being “happy on the inside” refers in particular to our clients, but also to all the people who work at Senzera.
When is someone happy? We have found two answers to this: when what they are doing has a meaning and when they feel connected to other people. The meaning of what we are doing is obvious: we give other people a good feeling, a smile, a breather from everyday life. And we make them more beautiful.


Our guests and us.

We feed the connectedness to other people by developing a corporate culture that is to be characterised by openness, well-being, dealing with each other respectfully and constructive criticism: A culture in which we understand leadership as a service. We want to create an environment in which every colleague can be successful, in which she can find tasks for her talents, gifts and wishes and in which she can participate. And a culture in which we embody hospitality.
We want to create an environment where the people who get up every day to work at Senzera enjoy doing it. In line with the motto “beautiful on the outside − feel happy on the inside”.


Our family

Today, Senzera is an SME with more than 250 people working in more than 50 company salons in Germany and Austria. Our large and comprehensive network of salons is unique in the beauty world and offers us opportunities and jobs that are also unique in our sector.
The world of beauty and cosmetics is our passion. And even though our core skill is hair removal, we also offer many other treatments. We are proud of our craft and that we are all trained beauty therapists. That is why we now offer training ourselves and have been a training company in the dual training system since 2017, now in 16 salons.
The colleagues in the salons are supported by a small team in our Cologne office. Moritz, one of the three founders, heads Senzera together with his colleague Thomas.
We will make many more guests happy with our skill, our attention, our professionalism and our smile. And we will make many more colleagues happy with our loyal clients, our culture and our loves of cosmetics and people.


For ourselves and for others

We want to develop further and have always been working on our technical further training. Over the years, we have recognised that personal further development is just as important. That is why we carry out internal and external coaching sessions where we work on ourselves. We continuously offer training and quality optimisation and have our own academy in which managers are trained in various areas. With role play and exercises, they learn to reflect on their own behaviour and that of their colleagues, conduct interviews, train themselves, deal with figures, etc.

We also offer everyone the opportunity to get involved and develop further personally. For this, we are always on the lookout for new impetus and also follow unconventional paths here. Outside everyday working life, we carry out “days of calm” as a time for stopping and reflecting on ourselves and our strengths. We have also become involved in a project in Lebanon, as part of which we are now travelling to Lebanon with a group of volunteer colleagues for the second time to give our time and attention to people with learning difficulties and physical disabilities. This voluntary work strengthens others and us and brings our motto “beautiful on the outside − feel happy on the inside” to life.


Our history


Three friends, Max, Moritz and Felix, were informed by female visitors from abroad that—unlike in France—there were no waxing salons in Germany. The idea was born.


The first Senzera salon opened in Berlin Mitte. Senzera was born. The emphasis was on waxing.


Sugaring joined the services as a new top-seller. By now, there were 9 Senzera salons in 6 cities in Germany.


Permanent hair removal started. The equipment needed was fully developed at last and we could really help our clients achieve permanently smooth skin.


Since 2017 Senzera has been a training company and trains young people in the dual system; they can then achieve their dream of doing good to other people as a beauty therapist.


The first Senzera Skin Studio opened. Here, alternative practitioners and beauty therapists treat their clients in the usual relaxed atmosphere using instruments and minimally invasive beauty treatments.

Always courageous: whether with the introduction of the Sugarings or with the first advertising videos (approx. 2006!).

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