The gentle way to achieve smooth skin

Smooth skin for women and men, the especially gentle way. Sugaring is suitable for all areas of the body, specifically for sensitive parts of the body. What’s more, the natural sugar paste is particularly suited to people with allergies.
Sugaring is suitable for all body zones and especially for sensitive parts of the body.
In addition, the natural sugar paste is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.


No more hair, sweet as sugar and especially gentle

In sugaring, your hair is removed with the help of a sugar paste in the direction of hair growth. This method is thus especially gentle and causes fewer skin irritations. This means that sugaring is especially popular for sensitive areas,

such as the underarms, the face or the bikini area. What’s more, sugaring is particularly suitable for people with allergies because the sugar mixture is made only out of sugar, water and lemon juice.


Sugaring treatment for particularly sensitive body areas

Gentle & hair-free: with Senzera Sugaring we can remove annoying hair from your whole body.


Professional hair removal at fair prices

Here you can find the prices for some of our sugaring treatments. You can find all prices for all services on the individual studio pages.

Bikini brazilian31,00 €22,00 €
Bikini american31,00 €22,00 €
Bikini complete47,00 €33,00 €
Bum21,00 €15,00 €
Belly21,00 €15,00 €
Chest31,00 €23,00 €
Both armpits21,00 €15,00 €
Arms complete37,00 €27,00 €
Upper lip14,00 €9,00 €
Per face area16,00 €11,00 €


Gentle & long-lasting

We use the manual technique known as flicking for sugaring.


Sugar Paste Sugaring
Sugar paste

The sugar paste is made of 100% natural ingredients, sugar, water and lemon juice. We make it ourselves and control it rigorously.


Sugaring sugar paste apply

We use the manual technique for sugaring. The warmed sugar paste is applied against the direction of hair growth with the fingers and gently worked in.


Sugaring Sugar paste peel off

The sugar molecules penetrate deep into the hair canal and the paste surrounds the hair up to the hair bulb. Then, the paste is removed with all of the hair using a short tug, the flick, flat in the direction of hair growth.


Smooth skin

After checking to see whether all of the hair has been removed, a calming lotion can be applied if you so wish… And you’re done!

Preparation and After-Care for Your Sugaring Appointment

We have a few tips for you so that your treatment with sugar paste is perfect all round:

Before your appointment

  • Damit beim Sugaring alle Haare optimal entfernt werden können, sollten diese eine Länge zwischen 0,3 und 1 cm haben, oder einfacher zu merken: mind. 2 Wochen wachsen lassen – zu lange Haare sollten dabei etwas gestutzt werden.
  • 24 hours before hair removal, don’t do anything that could stress your skin: Sun, solarium, intensive sport.
  • We recommend that you wear loose cotton underwear on the day of your treatment so that your skin is not stressed unnecessarily.

After your appointment

  • Give your skin plenty of time to recover − and, here too, avoid the sun, solarium, etc. for 24 hours.
  • If you have had a treatment under your arms or in your bikini area, please avoid direct use of deodorants containing alcohol for 24h.
  • We recommend regular exfoliation 2 days after treatment. This removes dead skin cells and you prevent the risk of ingrowing hairs.


Gentle hair removal in the bikini area

Whether a strip, triangle or no hair at all − we offer various looks for your genital area, all you have to do is decide.

Bikini complete

Hair removal bikini complete

With this type, not a single hair remains. We removal all of the hairs in the bikini area, including the labia and buttocks fold, if you so wish. Naturally, you can also leave a little strip of hair on your mound of Venus.

Bikini brazilian

Hair Removal Bikini brazilian

A long strip of hair is left with this type. You can decide on the length and width of the strip of hair yourself. The hair is not removed from the labia with this type.

Bikini american

Hair Removal Bikini american

Here, a triangular strip of hair is left on the mound of Venus. You can decide on the width and length of the triangle for yourself. The hair is not removed from the labia with this type.

Bikini classic

Hair Removal Bikini classic

Here, all of the hairs that cheekily peek out of your bikini bottoms are removed.

Sugaring Legs

Beautiful legs the gentle way

Smooth legs with sugaring − no problem. Whether just your lower legs or the whole leg, we are guided by what you want.

Legs complete
Legs complete

Here, we remove all of the hairs from your toes to a hand’s width from your groin. This does not include the bikini area classic.

Upper legs
Legs Thighs

With this treatment, all of the hairs are removed from the upper legs, including the knees. This does not include the bikini area classic.

Lower legs
Legs Lower leg

For the first rays of the sun and slightly longer skirts, here, all of the hairs from the toes upwards up to and including the knees are removed.


Sugaring ist nur etwas für Frauen? Von wegen! Auch bei den Herren wird die Ent­haarungs­methode immer beliebter. Kein Wunder, denn eine seidig glatte Haut von bis zu vier Wochen wirkt eben sexy.


  • Underarms


    In this area 3-4 weeks without hair is really worth it. The hair on both armpits is removed.

  • Bum


    Here the buttocks and, if desired, the buttocks fold is depilated.

  • Back & Shoulders


    The lower back treatment comprises of the area between the end of the shoulder blades and the upper edge of the buttocks. The shoulders include shoulder blades and upper arms up to the end of a t-shirt sleeve. Of cause we also provide depilation of the whole back.

  • Stomach & Chest


    At stomach treatments hair is depilated from the groin to almost the chest. The chest as well as the base of the neck are depilated at the chest treatment.

  • Arms


    The arm complete treatment constists of the whole arm being depilated, fingers and sholders included. The forarme treatment comprises of the area between fingers and elbow.

  • Face & Top Lip


    For the face treatment you can choose a face area such as chin or cheek. For more than one area treatment costs will be added. The annoying hairs above the upper lip are removed at the top lip treatment.

Du kennst den Unterschied zwischen Sugaring und Waxing nicht? Oder möchtest Du die störenden Härchen dauerhaft loswerden? Wir haben für Dich die the most common hair removal methods is compared to the



  • The sugar paste

    First of all, the viscous sugar paste consists only of natural substances - sugar, water and lemon juice. Sugaring is therefore also suitable for people with particularly sensitive skin or people who suffer from allergies. In addition, the sugar paste is only heated to body temperature, therefore it feels pleasantly warm on the body part. Furthermore, the fine sugar molecules penetrate deeper into the skin so that the hair can be removed more thoroughly. At the same time, the sugar paste does not only serve as a hair remover, but also as a peeling agent, as the treatment removes dead skin cells and the skin feels particularly smooth and soft after sugaring. Before the first treatment, the hair should be allowed to grow for 2 weeks so that it has the optimal length for sugaring.


    Sugaring uses a different hair removal technique than waxing, in which the lukewarm mass is rapidly massaged into the skin in the opposite direction to the direction of hair growth before being removed again in the direction of growth with so-called flicks, a special peeling technique. Peeling in the direction of growth is much less painful than waxing, in which the hot wax is peeled off in the opposite direction to the direction of growth. Furthermore, less hair breaks off during sugaring using this technique, and less hair breaks off during sugaring.

  • Advantages of sugar paste

    Consists of natural ingredients therefore sugaring is also suitable for people who suffer from allergies and people with particularly sensitive skin.

    • Sugar paste is only heated to about 30°C
    • Hair is removed thoroughly due to the fine sugar molecules
    • Particularly smooth and delicate skin due to the peeling effect of the paste
  • Can I buy the sugar paste?

    Our special Senzera sugar paste is not available to buy. We can only advise against trying it at home - all Senzera Sugaring experts are trained beauticians and are still trained by us for about 4 weeks. Only with enough practice will the sugaring become gentle, gentle to the skin and still thorough.