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Classic hair removal

Waxing is a classic form of depilation and is a fixed part of many women’s and men’s beauty regimes. Experience silky smooth skin that lasts for weeks.

Welcome to Senzera waxing & beauty, we have been the hair removal specialist for professional waxing for 15 years.
We would like to share this expertise and passion with you. Here we inform you about waxing in general and the advantages of waxing in particular. We explain the procedure of the treatment and inform you about all treatment zones. Waxing is also not only a great form of hair removal for women but also appeals to a large number of men . We inform you about the preparation and follow-up of your appointment in our studio. If you have any questions about waxing, have a look here .


Everything smooth, professional and fast

Waxing is a thorough, effective and fast method of hair removal. Whether arms, legs or the bikini area − we offer the full range. You can experience professional hair removal of the highest standard from us. But why is waxing so popular?

Because long-lasting hair removal with silky smooth skin for up to four weeks is a winner, and it is a very thorough method. Men and women have the opportunity to have hard-to-reach body areas, such as the back, shoulders, stomach, chest and bum waxed.

glatt für 4 Wochen mit Waxing
super gründlich waxing
weniger Hautreizungen


classic hair removal with warm wax

Spätestens seit der Ausstrahlung von Sex in the City zählt Waxing zu einer beliebten Methode der Haar­ent­fernung, auch weil das Ergebnis nach den ersten Anwendungen etwa 3-4 Wochen hält. Mit der steigenden Zahl der Anwendungen werden die Härchen außerdem weniger und wachsen deutlich langsamer sowie weicher nach.
Besonders effektiv ist die Methode mit Warm­wachs, bei der die flüssige Wachs­masse mit einem praktischen Roll-On partiell auf die Haut aufgetragen wird. Das Wachs ist im erhitzten Zustand besonders wirkungs­voll, da die Wärme die Hautporen öffnet und sich Haare somit leichter entfernen lassen. Diese Methode der Haar­ent­fernung bietet sich zudem für größere Flächen am Körper an, da hier effizient und schnell gearbeitet werden kann.

In addition to the waxing method, there is also the gentler variant of sugaring, which is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers and particularly sensitive body parts.
Are you interested in other hair removal methods or would you like to get rid of your hair permanently with laser or IPL ? We have also compared the most common hair removal methods for you .


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Prices for bikini waxing, leg waxing and more

Our waxing prices and all prices for our treatments can be found on the studio pages. Find a waxing appointment near you now:


Through and fast with wax roll-on

Waxing is an effective method for removing unwanted hair, especially on large surfaces on the body, such as the back or legs.


Wax Roll-on

Applying wax

We usually apply the liquid wax mass with a roll-on, which leaves an even layer of wax on the skin.


Waxing Apply wax strips

Placing nonwoven strip

A strip of cloth or paper is placed on the wax layer and pressed down lightly.


Waxing Peel off wax strips


As soon as the wax has cooled off and hardend, it is pulled off with one quick motion against the direction of hair growth.



Smooth skin

After removing the wax residue, a calming lotion can be applied if you want. Done!


Waxing treatment perfect for all areas

Thorough and fast: Senzera waxing, the reliable way to smooth skin.


Thorough hair removal in the bikini area

With Brazilian waxing, the hair in the genital area is removed with warm wax. The Brazilian Hollywood Cut is by far the most popular intimate hairstyle. At senzera you will find this treatment method under the name bikini complete. As the name suggests, all pubic hair in the genital area, including the labia and string line, is completely removed. Of course you can decide how much should be removed and where.
The Brazilian Hollywood Cut is highly popular for a reason: women benefit from a silky smooth pubic area of up to four weeks. Furthermore, our waxing methods are characterized by particular thoroughness, in which your wishes come first. After just a few treatments you will notice that your hair grows less in the bikini area, so that every further waxing becomes noticeably more easier. In addition, your skin is less irritated after a waxing treatment.

If bikini complete or Brazilian Hollywood cut is a little too daring for you, we also offer other variants of hair removal in the intimate area. Under the name Bikini brazilian we will leave an elongated strip called the landing strip, the length and height of which you can decide as you wish. If you prefer to leave some hair the shape of a triangle or a brazilian triangle, choose the Bikini American treatment method. We also offer the classic bikini zone, in which only the hairs are removed that look out from under the bikini panties.
Whether stripes, triangles or completely smooth - we offer you different “looks” for the intimate area, you have the decision here.

Bikini complete

Hair removal bikini complete

With this type, not a single hair remains. We removal all of the hairs in the bikini area, including the labia and butt crack, if you so wish. Naturally, you can also leave a little strip of hair on your mound of Venus.

Bikini brazilian

Hair Removal Bikini brazilian

A long strip of hair is left with this type. You can decide on the length and width of the strip of hair yourself. The hair is not removed from the labia with this type.

Bikini american

Hair Removal Bikini american

Here, a triangular strip of hair is left on the mound of Venus. You can decide on the width and length of the triangle for yourself. The hair is not removed from the labia with this type.

Bikini classic

Hair Removal Bikini classic

Here, all of the hairs that cheekily peek out of your bikini bottoms are removed.

Waxing legs

The quick way to smooth legs


Smooth legs with waxing − no problem. Whether just your lower legs or the whole leg, we are guided by what you want.

Legs complete waxing

Legs complete

Here, we remove all of the hairs from your toes to a hand’s width from your groin. This does not include the bikini area classic.

Opper legs waxing

Legs Thighs

With this treatment, all of the hairs are removed from the upper legs, including the knees. This does not include the bikini area classic.

Lower legs waxing

Legs Lower leg

For the first rays of the sun and slightly longer skirts, here, all of the hairs from the toes upwards up to and including the knees are removed.


  • Armpits


    3-4 weeks hair-free are really worth it here. The hair in the armpits is removed from the armpits.

  • Bum


    In this treatment, the buttocks and, if desired, the buttocks are depilated.

  • Back & Shoulders


    The lower back treatment comprises of the area between the end of the shoulder blades and the upper edge of the buttocks. The shoulders include shoulder blades and upper arms up to the end of a t-shirt sleeve. Of cause we also provide depilation of the whole back.

  • Stomach & Chest


    At a stomach waxing, hair is depilated from the groin to almost the chest. The chest as well as the base of the neck are depilated at the chest treatment.

  • Arms


    The arm complete treatment constists of the whole arm being depilated, fingers and sholders included. The forarme treatment comprises of the area between fingers and elbow.

  • Face & Upper lip


    For the face treatment you can choose a face area such as chin or cheek. For more than one area treatment costs will be added. The annoying hairs above the upper lip are removed at the top lip treatment.


The waxing of the lower back and shoulders is most popular with men. Also in combination as "back complete waxing". This area is not only difficult to reach and depilate yourself - it can also be waxed quickly and easily by an experienced beautician at Senzera so nothing stands in the way of a hygienic body feeling.
Waxing the back is closely followed in popularity by waxing the intimate area. Menzone Intim is the name of the complete hair removal form at Senzera - others also call it “Brazilian Hollywood Man” or Boyzillian. This is where all hair in the intimate area is waxed. If desired, a strip of hair can of course be left in a certain shape.

In third place on the waxing popularity scale is the belly and chest waxing for men, i.e. the depilation of the frontal upper body. These areas of the body are often waxed by athletes and weight athletes to present a pretty and clean upper body. Both are very often booked together with the intimate waxing.
At Senzera, men and women pay the same price for waxing. Uur prices are not based on gender and the number of hairs, but on the area of the body to be treated.
More and more men are opting for hair removal with wax. The trend has thus also reached men.

Waxing Männer

Preparation and After-Care for Your Waxing Appointment

We have a few tips for you to ensure that your waxing appointment is perfect all round.

Before your appointment

  • In order to remove all of the hairs completely, they should be between 0.5 and 1 cm long, or, to make it easier to remember: Let them grow for 2 weeks − any hairs that are too long should be trimmed slightly.
  • 24 hours before hair removal, don’t do anything that could stress your skin: Sun, solarium, intensive sport.
  • We recommend that you wear loose cotton underwear on the day of your treatment so that your skin is not stressed unnecessarily.

After your appointment

  • Give your skin plenty of time to recover − and, here too, avoid the sun, solarium, etc. for 24 hours.
  • If you are having treatment on your underarms or in the bikini area, don’t use any deodorants containing alcohol for 24 hours.
  • We recommend regular exfoliation 2 days after treatment. This removes dead skin cells and you prevent the risk of ingrowing hairs.


Basically there is an abundance of products that also make waxing at home possible. Starting with cold wax strips to small wax cartridges that can be heated in the microwave. The application seems feasible at first glance. On closer inspection, the first difficulties become apparent. In principle, hair removal with a warm wax is better, as this opens the pores and thus makes it easier to remove the hair. Cold wax strips cannot do this. In addition, the user needs a lot of time and of course skill (apart from knowledge and a trained eye for the different hair growth directions, which are different in the different body regions) to achieve a perfect result in a short time.

The wax cartridges can be heated up too hot and the wax spreads and sticks throughout the bathroom. Lastly the question remains: Do I want to, and do I manage to wax myself and inflict pain on myself? In the end, of course, it is also a question of your own flexibility and the extent to which you manage to reach all areas of the body Easier: Just trust the experts in hair removal, who do this treatment from morning to evening and achieve the best result for you with the least possible pain under the most pleasant conditions.

Frequently asked questions about waxing


    Waxing, in contrast to all conventional depilation methods, has the advantage that your legs are silky smooth for up to four weeks, and after some treatments the hair density decreases, so that the hair grows back less strongly and only a slight fluff is felt. After hair removal with wax the skin is always a little irritated and shows slight redness, which disappears after a few hours. You can support your skin with the appropriate care products such as the calming comfort cream, which intensively cares for the irritated skin with thermal water and aloe vera.


    During waxing, the hair is removed using warm wax. The wax mass is applied in the direction of hair growth and removed against the direction of hair growth. With the practical wax roll on, especially larger body areas such as legs or back can be quickly and thoroughly depilated.


    Since the skin is very sensitive on the face, an application with waxing always carries some risks, even with professional and perfect application. The skin can become irritated more quickly, reddening can develop and the skin can even peel off. We therefore recommend the more skin-friendly sugaring


    At Senzera, the warm wax is usually applied thinly to the skin with the direction of hair growth using a wax roller or a wax cartridge. Only when depilating the smallest and sensitive areas of the body such as the labia or the buttocks, liquid wax is used for .


    Since the hair is removed particularly efficiently with the hair roots, the hair removal with waxing is certainly not completely painless during the first treatment. The hair becomes finer with each treatment, however, and thus it becomes less painful with regular hair removal - until it hardly hurts at the end.


    We use high-quality wax products from cosmetic manufacturers in our studios.


    Only certified beauticians work at Senzera. They have the best knowledge of skin structure, skin health and of course the best experience in the treatments. This makes them the absolute experts and connoisseurs when it comes to hair removal with waxing.


    Basically, every part of the body can be depilated quickly and thoroughly with waxing, even for beginners. Our tip for those who are anxious: go forward slowly. The first time the lower legs, the second time the legs and / or bikini, and then - to top it off - the complete Brazilian Hollywood Cut - called bikini complete.

Kosmetikerin Beratung Sugaring

Waxing at Senzera - your professional hair removal

Get rid of unwanted hair quickly and effectively

One advantage of hair removal with wax is the long-lasting result: With waxing as well as sugaring, the hair is pulled out at the root. This makes the skin much smoother than for example shaving, which only reduces the hair on the surface of the skin. If you use waxing, the hair will only grow back after a several weeks. The new hairs are particularly fine and therefore less noticeable than the thicker stubbles, which often sprouts again quickly with other methods. The hair is removed quickly and very thoroughly, you will be rewarded with a lasting, smooth body feeling. Book your waxing appointment now at one of our senzera studios.
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