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Innovative Technology with SHR and IPL

Silky smooth skin and for a long time? A wish that we can satisfy. With permanent hair removal with SHR and Hyperpulse technology, light or energy pulses are used to change the hair roots so that no new hairs regrow.


Hair-free for ever

As the name permanent hair removal says, with this method you have the opportunity to permanently reduce your body hair growth. The technologies that we use are the newest on the market, they have been tested and are very safe.

We work with medical equipment on which our staff have received thorough training in our own Academy. The treatments themselves are very gentle and pleasant. SHR and Hyperpulse can be used universally for every skin type and every skin structure because this method not only works on the melanin pigment in the hair.


Permanent Hair Removal Treatment for All Body Zones

We can free you of unwanted body hair in the long term with permanent hair removal.

Smooth skin does not have to be expensive

Die endgültigen Kosten hängen von der / den zu behandelnden Körperzonen ab.
Du kannst Dich an dieser Preistabelle orientieren.

Eyebrows39 €34 €
Upper lip39 €34 €
chin39 €34 €
Cheeks/ Zygomatic bone39 €34 €
face89 €80 €
beard99 €89 €
throat49 €42 €
nape of the neck49 €42 €
Armpits49 €42 €
forearms99 €89 €
upper arms99 €89 €
Arms complete179 €161 €
Breast partial49 €42 €
Chest99 €89 €
Belly89 €80 €
median line39 €34 €
Bikini classic59 €42 €
Bikini american79 €71 €
Bikini brazilian79 €71 €
Bikini complete99 €89 €
Men Zone Intimate109 €98 €
Lower legs129 €115 €
Upper legs159 €142 €
Legs complete249 €220 €
Shoulders89 €80 €
Partial back59 €52 €
Lower back79 €71 €
Back complete149 €134 €
Bum79 €71 €
bottom fold39 €34 €


No Hair, For Ever


Nowadays, permanent hair removal can be successfully carried out on almost all skin and hair types. The result is best on people with dark hair and pale skin, only grey hairs or very blond shades can lead to a limited result in hair removal.


Anamnesis permanent hair removal

Before your appointment, your beauty therapist will talk to you about possible contra-indications and then divide your skin into treatment areas with a pen. Moles and tattoos are covered.


permanent hair removal_step2

Then, the therapist sets the parameters on the Hyperpulse or Soprano Ice machine. A spray or ultrasound gel is applied to your skin.


safety goggles
Safety First

You and your therapist wear goggles to protect your eyes during the treatment.


permanent hair removal
And the treatment starts!

The hand piece is then gently guided over the treatment area with sweeping movements. The temperature and the energy required are controlled and gradually increased with this, strong contact cooling ensures less stress for the skin.

Permanent Hair Removal at Senzera


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Preparation and After-Care for your Permanent Hair Removal Appointment

We have a few tips for you to ensure that your permanent hair removal treatment is a success:

Before your appointment

  • The area to be treated should be shaved one day before the treatment or on the morning of the permanent hair removal treatment. As an alternative to shaving, you can also use a hair removing cream.
  • Eine Woche vor der Behandlung solltest Du auf intensive UV-Strahlung (Sonne oder Solarium) verzichten.
  • We recommend that you wear loose cotton underwear on the day of your treatment so that your skin is not stressed unnecessarily.

After your appointment

  • You should continue to avoid UV light after your treatment and give your skin a rest.
  • And, immediately after the treatment, avoid anything that could stress your skin: sauna, intensive sport.
  • We recommend that you drink plenty of fluids after the treatment and regularly apply plenty of moisturising cream or lotion to the treatment area. Moisturised skin guarantees the best results.




Permanent hair removal in the genital area

You can also choose between various areas and shapes with permanent hair removal.

Bikini complete

Hair removal bikini complete

With this type, not a single hair remains. We removal all of the hairs in the bikini area, including the labia and buttocks fold, if you so wish. Naturally, you can also leave a little strip of hair on your mound of Venus.

Bikini brazilian

Hair Removal Bikini brazilian

A long strip of hair is left with this type. You can decide on the length and width of the strip of hair yourself. The hair is not removed from the labia with this type.

Bikini american

Hair Removal Bikini american

Here, a triangular strip of hair is left on the mound of Venus. You can decide on the width and length of the triangle for yourself. The hair is not removed from the labia with this type.

Bikini classic

Hair Removal Bikini classic

Here, all of the hairs that cheekily peek out of your bikini bottoms are removed.

Permanent Hair Removal Legs

Beautiful legs the gentle way

Do you want permanently hair-free skin on your legs in particular? We make it possible.

Legs complete
Legs complete

Here, we remove all of the hairs from your toes to a hand’s width from your groin. This does not include the bikini area classic.

Upper legs
Legs Thighs

With this treatment, all of the hairs are removed from the upper legs, including the knees. This does not include the bikini area classic.

Lower legs
Legs Lower leg

For the first rays of the sun and slightly longer skirts, here, all of the hairs from the toes upwards up to and including the knees are removed.

You don't know the difference between sugaring and waxing? To the consultation



  • Armpits


    3-4 weeks hair-free are really worth it here. The hair in the armpits is removed from the armpits.

  • Bum


    In this treatment, the buttocks and, if desired, the buttocks are depilated.

  • Back & Shoulders


    At the back, the lower back from the coccyx to the middle of the back is made hair-free. At the shoulders, the hair on the shoulder blades and the upper arms to the end of a T-shirt sleeve goes to the root. We also offer depilation of the complete back.

  • Stomach & Chest


    In the belly, the hair is removed from the groin to almost the breast. In the treatment of the breast, this hair and the base of the neck becomes smooth as never before.

  • Arms


    In the case of complete arms, everything becomes smooth from top to bottom - including fingers and shoulders. When treating the forearms, hair is removed from the area from the fingers to the elbows.

  • Face & Upper lip


    In the facial area, we treat a desired part of the face, such as the cheek or chin. In several areas, the treatment costs are added up. In the treatment of the upper lip, the annoying hairs above the lip in the mouth area are removed.


Sugaring is only something for women? my ass! The depilation method is also becoming more and more popular with men. No wonder, because a silky smooth skin of up to four weeks looks sexy.


  • Duration of each session

    The duration of the treatment depends on the area to be treated. Treatment on the face lasts only about 10 minutes, removal of underarm hair takes about 15 minutes. Treatment on both legs or a complete male back can take between 60-180 minutes.

  • mode of action

    The permanent hair removal treatment with IPL/SHR laser technology destroys the hair follicle. The flash lamp generates short, intensely pulsed light energy which is emitted to the treatment area. The light energy is absorbed by the dark color pigment (melanin) in the hair root, converted into heat and transferred to the root via the hair root. In the hair follicle (i.e. in the hair root), a thermal reaction takes place during which the hair root is permanently sclerosed and no longer in the hair root.

  • Duration of treatment

    The hairs are in different growth cycles during one treatment. In one treatment, the light pulse or any other type of laser can only destroy those hair roots that are in the anagen phase (growth phase). In each treatment, this is about 10 - 15 % of hair.

    The hairs that are in the resting phase during the treatment are newly formed at intervals of approx. 4 - 12 weeks. During the next treatment, the new hairs that are in the growth phase at this time are removed. Thus, with each subsequent treatment, the body hair at the corresponding point is constantly reduced.

  • Contraindications of treatment

    • If you are taking light-sensitive drugs (e.g. antibiotics) or anticoagulants, St. John's wort or cortisone, the medication must be discontinued one week before the start of treatment. Please check with your treating physician before discontinuing treatment.
    • In the case of infectious diseases in the areas to be treated, such as fungus, herpes, etc., the treatment should be carried out in accordance with the following guidelines.
    • The treatment can usually be continued 3 months after the birth.
    • On skin areas with tattoos and permanent make-up.

    Please also note the information given in the anamnesis sheet.