Here you will find all relevant information about your visit to Senzera.

FAQ General
  • Can I make appointments via internet or app?

    Yes, you can either go directly to our start page via the orange button "Book appointment online", where you can select your studio throughout Germany and Austria, or you can go to the studio bottom page and also go via the orange button "Book appointment online", where you will be directed to the selected studio. The online booking is available to you at any time of the day or night and is the quick and convenient alternative to booking by telephone.

    If you would like to book your appointment spontaneously while on the move, then use our Senzera appointment booking app, which is available for iOs and android.

  • Ich kann meinen Termin nicht wahrnehmen, was kann ich tun?

    Es ist kein Problem, wenn sich Deine Pläne mal ändern. Wir machen bei unserer Terminvergabe keine Doppelvergabe. Damit Du und andere Gäste die beste Terminauswahl erhalten, bitten wir Dich darum, Deinen Termin bis maximal 24h davor abzusagen. Dies kannst Du telefonisch im Studio erledigen. Sollte der Termin nicht rechtzeitig Deinerseits abgesagt werden, so behalten wir uns vor 50% des Behandlunsbetrages in rechnung zu stellen.
  • What is the S-Card from Senzera and what advantages does it offer me?

    Gehst Du regelmäßig zu Senzera und möchtest dabei Geld sparen? Dann ist unsere S-card genau das richtige für Dich. Du kannst sie für 12 Monate (einmalig 120 €) in jedem Studio oder in our online shop erwerben. Während der Laufzeit bezahlst Du dann unsere vergünstigten S-card-Preise, bei denen Du pro Behandlung bis zu 30% sparst. Bitte beachtet, dass die S-card keine Guthabenkarte ist.

  • Was ist das Beauty-Abo und welche Vorteile habe ich damit?

    Das Beauty-Abo for her ist ein monatliches Abo für Frauen, die eine regelmäßige Haarentfernung wünschen. Das Beauty-Abo kann einmal im Monat in Anspruch genommen werden und gilt für die Körperbereiche Bikini & Beine. Außerdem erhälst Du als Beauty-Abo Gast 10% auf alle Beauty-Verkaufsprodukte und erhälst alle weiteren Dienstleistungen zum S-Card Preis. Mehr Informationen dazu erhälst Du hier.

  • Is there an age limit for the treatments?

    No, there's no such thing as a "no". under 16 a parent or legal guardian must accompany you to treatment. between 16 and 18 years of age If you are old enough for waxing, sugaring and softlaser, we require a written declaration of consent from a parent or guardian for waxing, sugaring and softlaser. You can obtain the form from us in the studio. You must then complete this form and bring it with you to your appointment. For the remaining Senzera services such as manicure, pedicure or facial treatments, we also require a written declaration of consent if the value of the treatment is higher than 20 (pocket money paragraph §110 BGB).

  • Does Senzera treat Marcumar patients or diabetics?

    If you have a tendency to heavy bleeding, such as a Marcumar patient or diabetic, you should inform the cosmetician before the treatment. However, we do not always do a pedicure for diabetics or Marcumar patients, because there is the greatest risk that small injuries may occur and inflammations and ultimately wound healing disorders.

  • Which products does Senzera offer?

    Neben unseren eigenen Pflegelinie Senzera cosmetics, die speziell auf die Hautbedürfnisse vor und nach der Haarentfernung abgestimmt ist, führen wir auch Produkte der Marken OPI und Dermalogica.

FAQ Waxing | Sugaring
  • At what age can I have waxing/sugaring done?

    You have to be at least 18 years old. If you are younger, we need a
    Declaration of consent of your parents or the accompaniment of a parent or guardian to the appointment (see FAQs general questions).

  • What should I keep in mind when waxing/sugaring?

    You shouldn't peel or cream your skin on the day of the treatment, you shouldn't expose yourself to the sun 24 hours before and after waxing, you shouldn't visit the solarium, you shouldn't use any care products with chemical additives until 24 hours after the treatment, you shouldn't use any alcohol-based deodorants after waxing your armpits. You'll also find more information about the use of alcohol-based deodorants after waxing your armpits. here.

  • What are my advantages in waxing/sugaring compared to shaving?

    The advantages of hair removal by depilation (waxing and sugaring) are above all: 1. thoroughness, 2. duration of hair-free time (between 3-6 weeks), 3. reduction of hair growth.

    By removing the hair with the hair roots a soft down is created, which is much more pleasant and does not scratch like the stubble hair after shaving. In addition, there is hardly any irritation at sensitive body parts such as the bikini line and the armpits, because the skin is not irritated by frequent shaving.

  • How long does it take for the hair to grow back and how long does the result last during waxing/sugaring?

    The individual hair growth and which type of hair removal was applied before the waxing/sugaring is decisive here. After the first treatment it can happen that the hair grows back again directly after about 1 - 2 weeks. With regular waxing or sugaring, however, the intervals between the treatments are longer and with most of our guests the result lasts between 3 - 6 weeks.

  • How long can I wax or sugarn my hair?

    For waxing and sugaring you should note that you should let your hair grow two weeks before the first treatment to achieve an optimal length for the treatment. To ensure the most pleasant treatment possible, it is advisable that your hair is not longer than 1 cm. Since we cannot prune your hair on site, you should shorten the affected area yourself at home.

  • How painful is waxing/sugaring?

    Since the hair is removed particularly efficiently with the hair roots, the hair removal with waxing or sugaring is not completely painless during the first treatment. However, the hair becomes finer with each treatment and thus it becomes less painful with regular hair removal - until it hardly hurts at the end.

  • Are there any risks with waxing or sugaring?

    The removal of hair may cause skin irritations after the treatment. Small red dots may appear on the depilated area of the skin. This is a natural skin reaction. The hair is removed with the hair root and the pore temporarily widens. After 48 hours at the latest, the red dots disappear again. Cosmetic care with soothing ingredients can alleviate possible complaints. For this purpose, the products from our care line are Senzera cosmetics These contain soothing ingredients, such as aloe vera or shea butter, making them the perfect care for the skin after waxing or sugaring. In any case, we advise you to use the the behavioral information given to note.

  • What causes ingrown hair and what can I do about it?

    The hair channel is opened by removing the hair and is therefore more susceptible immediately after the treatment. There is a possibility that it can be blocked by dead or excess skin cells. The growing hair can then no longer penetrate through the top layer of skin. It can happen that the hair rolls in under the skin, in other words grows in. This can also lead to a Folliculitis Our solution for this is a regular exfoliation with our bodylicious orange scrub and the Senzera Riffi peeling glove, which gently removes excess skin cells and prevents hair ingrowth. We have also developed a special lotion - our lotion against ingrown hairThis disinfects and additionally counteracts the ingrowth of the hair.

  • Can I also wax my bikini line during my period?

    Of course you can also come to us during your period. Simply use a new tampon and freshen yourself again shortly before the treatment.

  • Is the bottom fold included in Bikini complete?

    The bottom fold is included in the bikini complete treatment, but the bottom fold is not included in the bikini brazilian and bikini american treatments.

  • Does Senzera also offer Waxing/Sugaring for men? Are there price differences for strong or little hair growth?

    Of course you can also wax yourself as a man with us waxen/sugarn. For the intimate area we have a special offer for men, the Men Zone intimate treatment. On other body parts, such as armpits, arms, buttocks or legs, you can also be depilated as a man with pleasure. There are no price differences with strong or less strong hair growth.

  • Is Men Zone intimate hair removal on the bottom included?

    Bei der Behandlung Men Zone intim wird wie bei der Behandlung Bikini complete der komplette Schambereich enthaart, inklusive der Pofalte (falls erwünscht). Die Behandlung Po beinhaltet die Entfernung der Haare auf den Pobacken, die Pofalte ist hier ebenfalls inkludiert..

  • Can one also have a waxing/sugaring done with a piercing?

    Basically the keeping of piercings during the treatment is no problem. A final decision, however, is made on the spot by the treating cosmetician if there is a risk of injury.

FAQ permanent hair removal
  • At what age can permanent hair removal be carried out?

    You have to be at least 18 years old. If you are younger, we need a
    Declaration of consent of your parents or the accompaniment of a parent or guardian to the appointment (see FAQs general questions).

  • What is Senzera permanent hair removal?

    Die dauerhafte Haarentfernung bietet Senzera in mittlerweile mehr als der Hälfte unserer Studios an. Wir arbeiten bei der dauerhaften Haarentfernung mit der SHP oder der Hyperpulse Technologie (je nach Studio).

    In both technologies, melanin only plays a secondary role. The main target is the germ cells in which new hair is created.

    Instead of single impulses with high energy, here multiple pulses Due to the large number of impulses, an enormously high total energy is introduced per treatment area without straining the epidermis. Through the revolutionary gliding methodThe handpiece glides 6-10 times over the region to be treated. 45°C heated.

    This method enables the customer to fast, effective and above all almost painless and gentle treatment.

  • What skin and hair types can be treated?

    All skin and hair types can be treated with the medical devices we use.

    Even tanned skin and blonde hair can be treated. Only white or grey hair cannot be treated.

    In a consultation prior to first treatment it must be determined which skin type the customer is.

  • Which devices are used for permanent hair removal?

    Senzera uses SHR technology (Soprano Ice from Alma Lasers) or Hyperpulse technology (MBC Hyperpulse) for permanent hair removal.

    Alma Lasers is a global leader Alma Lasers has one of the broadest product portfolios in the world in this field and is represented with its equipment in over 45 countries.

  • What is the difference to IPL devices for home use?

    Whereas the IPL devices for home use only convert the hair follicles into one resting period If they are moved, they are permanently destroyed with the SHR or Hyperpulse method after the intended treatment cycle (approx. 6-8 treatments) and only a maintenance therapy should take place once a year. As soon as the treatment with the IPL devices for home is stopped, the hair growth starts again.

  • What should I watch for before and after the treatment?

    Up to 4 weeks before and after treatment one should do without intensive sun or solarium irradiation.

    4 weeks before the area to be treated should be neither waxed, sugared nor plucked. Shaving is possible at any time.

    1 day before treatment the area to be treated must be shaved thoroughly.
    In order to prepare yourself especially for the appointment, you can already download our Senzera Informed for permanent hair removal, as well as our information sheet. We will go through both of them with you again in peace during the information talk.

    Download: Senzera Informed

    Download: Enlightenment sheet

  • When can no treatment be carried out?

    There are indications for which we have no experience and for which a final assessment as to whether treatment with SHR can be carried out is not possible. We therefore expressly advise you to to consult the attending physician before treatmentif you are unsure about your skin or hair.

    If the following contraindications is available, a Treatment not possible:

     - diabetes

     ·         Schuppenflechte (akut im Behandlungsareal)

     ·         Neurodermitis (akut im Behandlungsareal)

     ·         offene Hautstellen (akut im Behandlungsareal)

     ·         Ekzeme, Hautentzündungen (akut im Behandlungsareal)

     - dark moles ("ABCDE rule")

     - tattoos

     - skin tumours

     - skin cancer

      ·         Präparate, welche die Lichtempfindlichkeit der Haut heraufsetzen (z.B. Johanniskraut, oder Malariaprophylaxe)

    ·         Vitiligo

    ·         Epilepsie

    ·         Krebs (nicht ausgeheiltes Krebsleiden jeglicher Art)

     - Pregnancy and lactation

  • Are there any risks or side effects of the treatment?

    The light impulses penetrate only 2-6 mm deep into the skin, so there is no risk for internal organs or the like.

    No cosmetic measure is guaranteed to be free of certain risks. Despite all due care, undesirable effects or complications can sometimes occur which may require further steps:

    • Occasionally there are pigment shifts of the skin, i.e. the treated areas of skin discoloration.
    • In very rare cases, especially when exposed to the sun, these pigment shifts do not disappear completely and remain clearly visible.
    • In the case of very sensitive skin, superficial crusts can occasionally develop a few days after hair removal. These usually heal without any consequences after 3 to 5 days at the latest. If this is not the case, you must consult a doctor.
    • Occasionally, slight temporary swelling or redness occurs, which usually disappears by itself.
    • In isolated cases, hair growth may increase in the treated skin region after the treatment.
    • Occasionally, if you suffer from a herpes simplex virus infection, reactivation of the viruses dormant in the nerve cells and a renewed outbreak of the herpes simplex may occur.
    • Scar growths are extremely rare.
    • Certain drugs (e.g. tetracycline) make the skin much more sensitive to light or laser. As a result, skin burns may occur. Your cosmetician must therefore be informed about any medication taken before treatment.
  • How does the treatment work?

    After a consultation with your beautician, you will fill a medical history sheet and sign this one.

    The treatment begins with shaving the treatment area, if necessary, if stubble is still visible. After the subsequent disinfection, the treatment zone is divided into individual grids with a white pen.

    You and the cosmetician put on protective goggles and the cosmetician applies cooled ultrasound gel with a spatula or directly ultrasound spray. After specific adjustment of the device, the cosmetician starts the treatment. The handpiece is moved several times over the first of the previously drawn grids. A grating is processed until the previously set time has been counted down accordingly, so that each grating is gradually treated until the entire area is finished.

    After the treatment, any remaining ultrasound gel is removed from the area to be treated. The cosmetician then applies a skin care cream from the Senzera cosmetics line. Now you can get dressed again.

    Finally, the cosmetician notes the parameters used in the customer file.

  • How's the treatment feel? Any pain?

    In general, the treatment is almost painless, but if the area to be depilated has not been shaved cleanly beforehand so that there are still stubbles left, you will feel a slight prick when the cosmetician drives over the area with the device.

    An integrated cooling system prevents the skin from getting hot and makes the treatment very pleasant for you.

  • How many treatments do you see a result after?

    From the first session on, a first result can already be noticeable. Hair grows in cycles. For a treatment with SHR or Hyperpulse, only hair that is growing and that is located just below the skin surface is suitable. Resting, not yet visible hair or hair that is in the rejection process (transition phase, resting phase) cannot absorb enough light and can therefore not be treated optimally. Normally, each treatment reaches up to 90% of the currently visible and growing hair (anagen phase).

    After the treatment, the hair is still in the skin. After approx. 1-3 weeks (depending on the body region) the hair will fall out and a first result will be visible.

  • How many treatments are necessary?

    For a satisfactory result, the following are usually required 6-10 Behandlungen These were supposed to be in Interval of 4-6 weeks take place.

    No guarantee can be given for success, as it depends on many factors (individual hair growth, skin and hair composition, hormone balance, medication, etc.).

  • Are there any clinical studies on the results?

    Yes, the results of Alma Lasers have all been confirmed in clinical studies and extend over a period of several years.

FAQ Nail
  • What exactly is a manicure and what is the difference between a classic manicure and a Wellness manicure? And what does varnishing french mean?

    The Wellness Manicure also starts with a classic manicure, where fingernails are shortened and shaped, followed by a hand bath, followed by removal of the cuticle and polishing of the nails. If you wish, you can have your nails painted afterwards. Manicure Wellness also promises relaxation through soothing hand massages and hand baths. Lacquering french includes the 3-colour lacquering of the nails with white nail tips.

  • Is the varnishing of the nails included in the price of the various manicures/pedicures?

    Bei der Maniküre/Pediküre ist das Lackieren der Nägel im Preis nicht enthalten. Du kannst Dir aber für einen kleinen Aufpreis Deine Nägel farblich lackieren lassen, oder Du buchst Dir eine Wellness Maniküre/Pediküre.

  • Senzera also offers long lasting manicure gelcolor by OPI, what is this?

    Gelcolor by OPI comes from America and is the first high-gloss and scratch-resistant nail polish that lasts up to two weeks.

  • How long does the treatment with gelcolor by OPI take?

    The treatment (classic manicure or pedicure with subsequent gelcolor by OPI varnishing) usually takes one hour, after which the beautician starts with the gelcolor by OPI treatment and starts with the base coat, followed by two coats of the varnish of your choice and finally a top coat. At each step the varnish does not dry as usual in the air but under UV light. The removal of gelcolor by OPI takes only about ten minutes.

  • Can removing gelcolor by OPI damage my nails?

    In principle, gelcolor by OPI cannot damage natural nails, but existing nail problems will not disappear. You should have the varnish professionally removed in one of our studios and not try to remove it yourself, as this can damage the natural nail.

FAQ Face
  • Are the eyelashes in an eyelash extension made of synthetic or human hair?

    The Senzera Lashes are made of synthetic fibres and are shaped in such a way that they give your lashes a natural curl. The amount and length is individually adapted to your needs and lashes. Let our competent colleagues in the studio advise you before your treatment.

  • Can I still apply mascara to my eyes after an eyelash extension?

    With the lashes you don't really need mascara anymore, because the lashes are so full and curved that they accentuate the eye enough even without mascara. That's why we recommend for very light lashes the additional colouring of the lashes in order to lengthen the lashes. If mascara is used for a special occasion, it is advisable to only emphasise the tips and then carefully remove the mascara. In general, too much friction on the face should be washed or removed.

  • How long does an eyelash lengthening last and how long do the lashes last during an eyelash lengthening?

    The treatment itself lasts about 90-120 minutes (depending on the chosen look). The eyelashes will last up to 2 months with regular fresh up. The natural eyelashes will fail every 60-90 days. Due to this rhythm, a complete new treatment every two months is necessary. We recommend fresh ups in a rhythm of 2 weeks.

  • Is there anything to consider before or after an eyelash lengthening?

    You should appear without eye makeup and not creamed in to your treatment, your eyelashes should not be shaped with an eyelash curler or a permanent eyelash wave, the first 12 hours after the treatment your eyes should not be made up and 24 hours after the treatment your eyes should not get wet because the glue needs a hardening time of 24 hours. You should use an oil-free makeup remover at any time after the eyelash lengthening because the glue can come loose from oil. More information on special instructions can be found in the section "Special instructions for eyelashes". here.

  • What happens to my contact lenses during eyelash lengthening or eyelash tinting?

    You should remove contact lenses before your treatment in any case.

  • What are the different facial treatments?

    With our soothing facial treatments you have the choice between three different treatments. All treatments include a skin analysis. The differences in detail:

    Beautiful skin basic:

    This variant of the facial treatment includes the basic treatment. During the 40-minute treatment you first get a facial cleansing and a soothing peeling. In order to continue your treatment appropriately our cosmetician carries out a skin analysis. Your specific skin type decides which products should be used best and what your skin needs in terms of care. With the help of our Vapozon all skin impurities are then removed. To calm the skin after this cleansing you get a soothing mask. Before the facial treatment is completed with the application of the suitable day care for your skin, the treatment is completed with the application of the suitable day care for your skin.

    Beautiful skin premium:

    The Beautiful skin premium treatment is the result of the basic treatment. The treatment lasts 50 minutes in total. In addition to the Beautiful skin basic treatment consisting of facial cleansing, peeling, skin analysis, cleansing and the application of toner and appropriate day care, the premium treatment also includes a relaxing and pleasant facial massage. Everyday stress is caressed out of your face and you feel fresh and relaxed.

    Beautiful skin deluxe:

    In this form of treatment, the Beautiful skin basic treatment is again the basis for your wellness program. 70 minutes of relaxation await you for your face and décolleté. At the beginning, both areas are thoroughly cleaned and a skin analysis is carried out. Afterwards, your eyebrows are shaped and you receive a pleasant massage for face, neck and shoulders. After the cleansing, a nourishing mask should soothe your skin. At the end of the treatment, your skin is supplied with a toner and the appropriate day care.

FAQ Cosmetics
  • Which products does the Senzera cosmetics range include and what are they suitable for?

    • fresh orange fluid - refreshes the skin and cares for it
    • bodylicious orange scrub - peels, cares and gives a smooth skin appearance
    • lotion against ingrown hair - acts anti-inflammatory, disinfects and helps against ingrown hair
    • sensitive soft scrub - foaming, gentle peeling, prevents inflammation
    • calming comfort cream - rich care, soothes the skin
    • rich body butter - moisturizes and protects against dryness and cold
  • Where can I get Senzera cosmetics products?

    You can buy our products in our studio or you can use them from the comfort of your own home in our Online Shop order.

  • What is the AntiGrow complex ?

    Our products with the AntiGrow complex contain extracts of the Gymnema Sylvestre plant, which reduces the vitality of the hair follicles and slows down the growth of the hair. Thus Senzera cosmetics products prolong the beautiful feeling of smooth, soft skin.

  • Which ingredients do Senzera cosmetics products contain?

    Our products contain fruity care extracts from orange and peach, so the skin is supplied with valuable oils and vitamins. The ingredients aloe vera and shea butter soothe and care for the skin gently. Lactic acid, e.g. in our comforting peach milk, keeps the natural skin flora in balance. All our products contain extracts of the Gymnema Sylvestre plant, our AntiGrow complex.