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Senzera fulfills your dream of permanently smooth skin

Jeder fühlt sich mit einer seidig glatten und gepflegten Haut wohl. In unserem hektischen Alltag fehlt uns allerdings oft die Zeit, uns ausgiebig der Enthaarung zu widmen. Dazu führen herkömmliche Methoden oft nicht zu zufriedenstellenden Ergebnissen. Mit der dauerhaften Haarentfernung bei Senzera ist das alles kein Problem mehr. Wir verhelfen Dir mit unserer innovativen Methode zu der Haut, von der Du schon immer geträumt hast. Bereits zahlreiche Männer und Frauen durften wir in unserem Studio in Oldenburg begrüßen – wir freuen uns auch auf Dich.

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Advantages of permanent hair removal with Senzera

Gentle and fast to optimal results

During professional hair removal with SHR technology, light impulses are directed into the hair germ cells, which then become desolate. This gradually reduces hair growth until, ideally, no more hair can grow back. Our treatment is equally suitable for men and women and can be used on a wide variety of body parts. Almost anything is possible on the face, armpits, abdomen, legs and intimate area. We will be happy to discuss your wishes and ideas during a free consultation.

  • Treatment by experienced beauticians
  • Use of modern, medically tested equipment
  • can be used on various parts of the body
  • particularly gentle and gentle to the skin

Dein Studio zur dauerhaften Haarentfernung in Oldenburg

Du findest uns zentral gelegen direkt in der Oldenburger Innenstadt. Hier freuen sich unsere Kosmetikerinnen auf Deinen Besuch.

Senzera waxing & beauty
Oldenburg Innenstadt

Kasinoplatz 3
26122 Oldenburg, Germany

phone 0341-99990446
opening hours

Monday10:00 - 19:00
Tuesday10:00 - 19:00
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Friday10:00 - 20:00

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Innovative and gentle to the skin: What distinguishes our method?

Optimal results with proven SHR laser technology

Our method is particularly gentle and kind to the skin. It is suitable for both men and women and can be used on a wide range of different parts of the body. What is special about this method is that, unlike other methods, our devices do not primarily target the hair dye melanin. This innovation enables us to treat almost all skin and hair types, including very light hair and tanned skin.

This is the treatment at Senzera:


Step one on the way to permanently smooth skin

Nimm Kontakt zu Deinem Studio in der Oldenburger Innenstadt auf und vereinbare telefonisch oder online einen Termin. Unsere erfahrenen Expertinnen erklären Dir gerne den Behandlungsablauf und beantworten Dir alle Fragen.


Important before treatment

Your beautician draws the areas to be treated on your skin and covers moles and tattoos. She adjusts the SHR device to your hair growth and your needs and applies an ultrasound gel so that the device can later be passed comfortably over your skin.

Safety First

Your eyes are protected

During the treatment you and your beautician will wear protective glasses to shield your eyes from the laser radiation.

And the treatment starts!

The treatment begins

Your beautician guides the SHR device gently over your skin with gliding movements, gradually raising the temperature of the hair nucleus to 45 degrees Celsius. A strong contact cooling system on the upper skin layer ensures that you don't feel any unpleasant heat during this time.

Permanent hair removal in the genital area

More well-being through a silky smooth intimate area

Our intimate area is characterised by particularly sensitive and demanding skin. At Senzera you will meet reliable, experienced beauticians who depilate this area particularly gently.

Bikini complete

Hair removal bikini complete

We will depilate your entire genital area, including your labia and, if you wish, the buttocks.

Bikini brazilian

Hair Removal Bikini brazilian

We remove your pubic hair except for an elongated strip on the mons veneris. You decide on its length and size. The labia are not included.

Bikini american

Hair Removal Bikini american

With this method a triangle remains on your Venus mound according to your ideas. The labia remain untouched.

Bikini classic

Hair Removal Bikini classic

We only remove the hairs that look out of the bikini panties; the rest of your pubic hair stays completely in place.

Permanently silky smooth legs without regular effort

Soft skin all year round - no annoying stubble required

Who wouldn't dream of it - to show your legs carefree in summer without wasting a thought on annoying stubble.
Which type of depilation do you like best?

Legs complete

Legs complete

Enjoy completely hairless legs with this method: we depilate your legs just under the groin. The intimate area is not included.

Upper legs

Legs Thighs

Here, too, the intimate area remains unaffected. We depilate your thighs from the knees to just below the groin.

Lower legs

Legs Lower leg

According to this variation you enjoy stubble-free lower legs from the toes up to and including the knees.

Legs complete

Enjoy completely hairless legs with this method: we depilate your legs just under the groin. The intimate area is not included.

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Upper legs

Here, too, the intimate area remains unaffected. We depilate your thighs from the knees to just below the groin.

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Lower legs

According to this variation you enjoy stubble-free lower legs from the toes up to and including the knees.

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Was gibt es bei der dauerhaften Haarentfernung in Oldenburg zu beachten?

At a glance: preparation, care and possible contraindications

Here you will find the most important facts about permanent hair removal summarized:

  • What needs to be considered before and after the treatment?

    Four weeks before the treatment, the preparation already begins for you: renounce UV radiation (solarium, sunbathing) and sugaring and waxing during this time. Shaving is exceptionally not a problem during this time. On the day of the treatment, the corresponding part of the body must be shaved thoroughly. For a treatment in the genital area, we recommend a loose-fitting cotton briefs to protect the sensitive skin area. Skin protection is also important after the treatment: renounce UV radiation and excessive sports, drink enough water, drink enough water: renounce UV radiation and excessive sports.

  • Does the treatment work for all skin and hair types?

    Thanks to our innovative treatment method, we can treat all skin and hair types with the exception of white and grey hair. Even very light hair and tanned skin are possible, since our hair dye, melanin, is no longer the only decisive factor for the success of the treatment.

  • What is the reason against permanent hair removal?

    If you are taking any medication, please inform your beautician in advance, and if necessary, discontinue it after consultation with your doctor. Treatment during pregnancy and lactation is not possible. Other possible contraindications are: communicable diseases, skin inflammations and diseases, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, eczema, tattoos, birthmarks, skin cancer and inflamed skin areas.

  • Are hairs really going to stay gone forever?

    Your hair grows in cycles, so on the day of treatment we only reach those hairs that are directly under the skin surface at that time. With each treatment we reach more hairs, so that your hair growth is reduced - until ideally no hair grows back at all.

  • How long does the treatment take?

    The total duration of the treatment depends on your hair growth and the area to be depilated. As a rule, we achieve a satisfactory result after six to ten treatments, with an interval of four to six weeks between each treatment.

  • Does permanent hair removal hurt?

    Our treatment with SHR laser technology is almost painless. Some guests only feel a slight prick. Your beautician always adjusts the treatment device individually to your needs in order to guarantee you as pleasant a treatment as possible at any time.

Permanent hair removal does not have to be expensive

Professionelle Haarentfernung zu guten Preisen – bei Senzera in Oldenburg

At Senzera you will enjoy a feel-good service and many years of competence at fair prices. The final costs depend on your hair growth and the body part to be treated. The following price table will give you an initial orientation about the different body zones:

median line39 €34 €
Bikini classic59 €42 €
Bikini american79 €71 €
Bikini brazilian79 €71 €
Bikini complete99 €89 €
Men Zone Intimate109 €98 €
Lower legs129 €115 €
Upper legs159 €142 €
Legs complete249 €220 €
Shoulders89 €80 €
Partial back59 €52 €
Lower back79 €71 €
Back complete149 €134 €
Bum79 €71 €
bottom fold39 €34 €

bottom line

Schenke Dir selbst mehr Wohlbefinden mit der dauerhaften Haarentfernung bei Senzera in Oldenburg

Your beauty is our passion

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Wir von Senzera lieben es, unseren Gästen das Gefühl von Schönheit durch perfekte Haut zu schenken. Seidig glatte Haut führt zu mehr Wohlbefinden. Deshalb ist die professionelle Haarentfernung schon lange unsere Leidenschaft. Nun haben wir uns auch auf die dauerhafte Haarentfernung spezialisiert, um unseren Gästen eine besonders hautschonende Methode für optimale und langanhaltende Ergebnisse anbieten zu können. Dabei arbeiten wir ausschließlich mit modernen, medizinisch getesteten Geräten. Vereinbare am besten noch heute telefonisch oder online einen Termin in Deinem Senzera Studio in der Oldenburger Innenstadt, wir freuen uns auf Dich! Hast Du noch Fragen? Ruf uns einfach an, wir sind gerne für Dich da.

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