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Learn all about professional hair removal for men


Everything you need to know.

To all of those who are asking themselves whether men are also allowed to come to our salon, we say yes, of course! Approx. 10 to 20% of our clients are men, and the trend is rising.


The reasons for having hair removed professional vary just as much as our clients. Some just can't reach their backs, others want the extra Hygiene: and know that odour-forming bacteria feel particularly at home on body hair. And yet others make themselves and the important people in their lives feel good with smooth skin. And, of course, having no hair is the simplest way to have no grey hairs.

What does waxing for men cost?

Prices at Senzera are based on body-area treated and not the gender. Here, men pay the same as women. We can also remove hair from the genital area. Treatment of this area of the body is called “Men Zone intimate” at Senzera.

Are manicures, pedicures and facial treatments also available for men?

Of course! We also offer manicures, pedicures and Facial treatments for the stressed, male skin in every salon. You can also book eyebrow treatments or eyelash or eyebrow tinting; all of the information can be found on the individual service pages..


The right method for every part of the body

We always suspected it: men’s hair really is different from women's hair. Due to hormones, men tend to have stronger and thicker hair growth. Male body hair is generally more firmly seated in the skin because the roots are stronger. What’s more, men’s have greater body hair growth, sometimes in different places from women, e.g. on their backs, chest/stomach or neck. But don’t worry: our trained beauticians have the right hair removal method for every person and body area, and are experienced professionals with mens' hair.

But don't worry, our trained beauticians have the right hair removal method for every person and body region and are also experienced professionals in men's hair.

permanent hair removal

Permanent Hair Removal

If you know where on your body you never want to have hair again, permanent hair removal is right for you. After 8-10 sessions and hardly any pain you never need to think about the matter again. Let’s be honest − we men don’t want to bother about this every day. And all of this in the professional and pleasant atmosphere of a Senzera salon.

Sugaring sugar paste apply


Sugaring is a very gentle method of hair removal, but it lasts longer. We recommend sugaring in particularly sensitive places, such as the chest and, naturally, the genital area.

Waxing Apply wax strips


Waxing is ideal for quickly removing hair from large areas, such as the back, the front torso and the legs. The thick male hairs are also particularly well surrounded by the wax and can thus be removed well.

Who will treat me?

Trained and qualified beauticians work at Senzera who receive constant and ongoing training in our academy after starting to work for us. They are real professionals, can always give you excellent advice about the individual hair removal methods and have treated lots of male clients before you. At the moment, only women work in our salons.


“Brazilian Waxing” – the Men Zone

The most common reasons why men have their body hair removed are hygiene and sport. And maybe your partner likes it. Hair removal is a normal activity for our beauty therapists. We also remove hair from the genital area, i.e. all of the hairs above and also on the testicles and, on request, in the butt crack. Naturally, you can leave a strip or a triangle.

Important: the testicles are not treated with permanent hair removal. But sugaring is included in each session.


Here is your master plan

Hair Length Waxing Man

A hair length of 5mm is perfect for waxing and sugaring. Hairs that are too short cannot be covered and lead to untidy results. Hairs that are long should be trimmed at home because otherwise they will twinge during hair removal. In addition, long hairs can break more easily.
For permanent hair removal, don’t epilate, sugar or wax for 4 weeks before treatment because we need the “hairs under the skin’s surface”. On the treatment day you must then take a razor and come freshly shaved.

Male member of human resource team whispering to his colleague during a job interview in the office. The view is through glass. The view is through g.

Good planning helps to get through the first appointment without stress.

Before and after your appointments you should not do anything that could stress your skin. Since men generally have a greater tendency to sweat, besides sport this also includes very stressful appointments immediately after the treatment. Perfect hygiene is also important so that the result is perfect. Your beauty therapist will give you care tips in the salon. For information before the appointment, or to look up our general advise, all of the information you need for your first appointment can be found here as well.

Waxing Man Leg

No matter whether waxing or sugaring − you will have to clench your teeth on your first appointment. But our experience shows that you will cope! To date, no client (whether male or female) has had to completely stop the treatment. For all those who don’t feel like regular hair removal, there’s also the option of permanent hair removal.Just give it a try.
After the first appointment, it's time to schedule your follow-up. Luckily, from the 2nd appointment onwards, things become more pleasant and after 3-4 appointments the time between hair growth gets longer and longer.


To prevent folliculitis and to ensure that you can really enjoy your smooth skin, good hygiene and after-care after your hair removal is advisable. Incidentally, this is not just the case after professional hair removal, but also after shaving − in other words, razor burn. We have many Senzera own brand products for this that have been developed specifically for the needs of skin after hair removal. These are probably the most important products for you:

  • Our orange scrub: A peeling that removes flakes of skin, sebum and dirt so that the hair can grow out of the skin unhindered. This prevents ingrown hairs.
  • Our clearing bodywash: works anti-bacterial and helps to prevent infections. Furthermore it calms the skin.
  • Our skin control lotion, that reguilates sebum production.

Your beauty therapist can tell you in the salon which product is recommended or even important for your skin.


Men’s skin is different from women’s skin in several respects. Men’s skin contains a higher proportion of collagen and elastin, which means that men’s skin is around 20 per cent thicker. Men’s sebaceous glands are also more active than those of women, meaning that men’s skin is slightly more oily. In addition, men’s skin has more sebaceous glands. Because of these skin properties, men who remove their hair have a greater tendency to what is known as folliculitis − inflammation of the follicle. Bacteria that are naturally found on the skin penetrate the hair canal, resulting in an inflammation from which painful nodules and pus can develop. This is usually harmless and can be treated with antiseptic lotions. In very rare cases, an abscess can develop, in which case we recommend that you consult a dermatologist. You can find more information here.


Undressing: All of our treatment cubicles are completely enclosed to protect your privacy. There, you can remove all of the clothing items that cover the parts of the body from which hair is to be removed. You can keep all other items of clothing on. Only if you are having hair removed from your genital area, you obviously have to take off your underpants. Our beauty therapists are professionals and have removed hair from many men before you.

Hygiene:The beauty therapist in the salon will probably remove hair from your intimate areas. This can be unpleasant for both parties if your hygiene is not up to scratch. You will probably feel better if you have freshened up just before the appointment. Wipes have been put out in the toilets that you can and should use.

Bringing a companion: A hair removal appointment is a cosmetic treatment. No more and no less. There is no place for your girlfriend or boyfriend here.

Always Gentleman-like:Our therapists will calmly and professionally guide you through the treatment. Please follow your therapist’s instructions. Compliments, flirting and un-considered comments may be misinterpreted in this situation.

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