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An appointment for professional hair removal can sometimes be quite intimate. Although we deal with the subject every day at Senzera, it can still be difficult for some of our clients to ask certain questions. Here, we answer all of the “sensitive questions” just in case you're too nervous to ask them in person.

Straight Answers

What do I have to consider for hair removal in the genital area, and specifically in my butt crack?

We remove hairs from places where you probably didn’t even know you had hairs. We are very thorough to ensure that no hairs are left behind, thus ensuring a great result. Thorough cleaning—both at the front and the back—immediately before your appointment is essential for this. To ensure this, you can freshen up again immediately before your treatment with the wipes we have left out for this purpose. We can then carry out the treatment carefully. We will give you the right care tips so that you don’t subsequently irritate the body parts that have been treated.

As a man, I’m worried that I might get an erection

As waxing and sugaring are not pain-free treatments, this is rather unlikely. But if it does happen, our beauty therapists can deal with it professionally − unless you acted deliberately. This should ensure that things are not unpleasant for anybody.

Can you have waxing or sugaring during pregnancy?

In general, professional hair removal with wax or sugar is possible provided that the client feels comfortable. If your baby bump is quite big, you will have to lie in a different position for hair removal. Hair can even be removed just before your due date with the agreement of an obstetrician. Permanent hair removal cannot be carried out during a pregnancy. You can start or continue this treatment after you have finished breastfeeding, when your hormone levels have settled down again.

Can I have a bikini wax even if I’m having my period?

Yes, this isn’t a problem if you use a tampon. However, some women are more sensitive to pain at this time. But in view of the fact that we all have a different sensitivity to pain, which can also depend on the time of day, everyone has to find this out for themselves.

Is there a risk of impotency problems or infertility from permanent hair removal?

No. The permanent hair removal equipment that we use at Senzera work with pulsed light or energy. This reaches only the top layer of the hair and organs below are protected.

Chest hair on women: which hair removal method is best?

The chest area is a very sensitive area, for which gentle sugaring or permanent hair removal are most appropriate. You should not shave this area yourself so that you don’t injure this sensitive part of the body.

Revealing Answers

Myth 1: Regular hair removal with wax or sugar reduces hair growth.

That is true. Waxing or hair removal with sugar paste ensures that the hairs grow back more slowly, because the hair is removed together with the root. But many people forget that the hairs are at different stages of growth. So new hairs may grow back on the day after hair removal. After the first time, it even appears as though this is happening even more quickly. Ultimately, however, repeatedly ripping a hair out ensures that the hair follicle is damaged so much that fewer hairs grow.

Myth 2: Hair grows more quickly in the summer

Yes, that’s true. Studies show that the growth of facial and body hair was slowest in January and February and increased again from March to July. What’s more, hair loss can be due to the season. We have thicker hair in the summer months because we lose fewer hairs then. But this refers more to hair on our heads that cannot really be compared to body hair in terms of structure and growth.

Myth 3: People with curly hair have a greater tendency to ingrowing hairs

That is a myth. Every hair or skin type can have ingrowing hairs. Anyone with a tendency to skin changes should have them looked at by a doctor. Otherwise, you can prevent ingrowing hairs by regularly exfoliating the skin on your body. This removes old skin cells from the skin and it is then easier for the hair to grow through to the hair canal to the surface.

Myth 4: Hair grows back thicker, darker and more coarse after shaving

No, that’s not true. But it might look like this because the end of a hair is often thinner than the root. The razor cuts the hair through the middle and the hair that continues to grow this feels thicker and more stubbly

Myth 5: Acne creams help with spots after hair removal

Please don't. The right thing to do is to cool the skin straight after hair removal so that the pores close again. Body lotions can also have a calming effect.

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