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Find out everything you need to know for your first appointment at Senzera.


Everything you need to know

It’s not long to go until your first waxing or sugaring appointment and maybe you are a little nervous or uncertain because you don’t know what to expect? Don’t worry; here you can learn everything that you need to know before your first professional hair removal. Here are answers to the most important questions and helpful tips so that you are prepared as a waxing or sugaring rookie.


Booking an Appointment

At Senzera we use appointments to ensure that you, as a new guest, don't have to wait too long for your treatment. You can make your appointment in one of the following ways:

You can book very easily online through our website or app. The booking app is available both for iOS and Android devices. To make an online booking, you need to register with us first of all – then, in future, you can book very easily with your profile in just a few clicks.

Alternatively, you can also make an appointment over the phone with your nearest salon. If you can’t get hold of anyone in person it could be because all of our therapists are treating other clients. Feel free to leave a request for us to call you back on the answer machine and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you often walk past one of our salons? Then you can simply pop in to make an appointment. You will probably only be able to make an appointment though – walk-in appointments are only available if you are very lucky.

Preparing for your Appointment

Please consider the following dos and don’ts before your appointment so that your first waxing or sugaring goes without a hitch and the best possible result can be achieved.



Two weeks before your 1st appointment, let the hairs grow on the part of your body that is to be treated.


No sauna

24h before the treatment do not do any activities that make you sweat, such as a visit to a sauna or sport.


No solarium

24h before the treatment avoid extended sunbathing or stretches on the sub-bed.



On the day of treatment, wear loose clothing to prevent skin irritations. If you have your period, you can have a bikini wax. But, please use a tampon. Otherwise, we cannot do bikini waxing or sugaring.

Personal Hygiene

We remove hair from places where you may not even have known that you have hair! Depending on the area of the body, the treatment naturally becomes more intimate. So that you feel more comfortable and your therapist can achieve good results—especially with intimate treatments—please clean yourself again thoroughly all over before your treatment starts − both at the front and the back. We have placed wipes in the toilets that you are welcome to use before the treatment. If it is possible, you are also welcome to wash yourself thoroughly with warm water in our toilet area.

In general, you should also pay particular attention to hygiene after the treatment, too, to protect the sensitive skin because the pores will have opened slightly immediately after the treatment.



You should arrive for your appointment on time and will be welcomed by our beauty therapists. We may ask you to take a seat in the waiting room for a short while. You can take this time to freshen up. Your therapist will then take you into one of our cabins. Personal attention and intimacy are very important to us. That’s why all of our cabins are small enclosed rooms that preserve your privacy. Your beauty therapist will once again go through the treatment you have requested. She will also tell you which items of clothing to remove and how to position yourself on the treatment table.

You’re already curious as to what our salons look like? Then come with us on our salon tour in the film:


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What does it really feel like?

It’s true, the first time you have hair removed by waxing or sugaring it’s not exactly like a relaxing massage. Whether a man or a woman − every person feels pain differently. Due to the fact that the hairs are still deeply embedded in the root on your first wax treatment, the first treatments in particular are not entirely pain-free. Since the hairs grow back more finely after every treatment, the feeling of pain diminishes more with each subsequent treatment. It is much less even on the second treatment, and is less and less each time.

This is what it may be like for you:


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We will not leave you alone during the treatment and are your partner at all times if you are nervous or uncertain:

  • Your beauty therapist will take you through the treatment and show consideration for you if you have to take a deep breath from time to time.
  • We will also help you with special breathing techniques that reduce the perception of pain.
  • You are fully involved and thus distracted: for a perfect result, you have to “join in”. Be prepared to lift your leg or to stretch your skin with your hands.
  • If you are uncertain, don’t immediately book for several parts of your body, but edge slowly into professional hair removal with one area of your body.
  • We do not advise painkillers, anaesthetic creams or distraction with alcohol.


How long will it last?

Do you want your skin to be beautifully smooth? After your first professional hair removal by waxing or sugaring, the length of time it takes for hair to grow back might not immediately be as long as 3-4 weeks. The hairs are still growing in different cycles and some hairs may even appear after just a few days. Why? Hairs are emerging that were only a little way up the hair canal at the time of your first appointment, and were thus too short for hair removal. Now you just have to stick with it because the first appointment was the hardest. The growth cycles of your hair will usually have adapted after 3-4 treatments at regular intervals so that you will really benefit from smooth and beautiful skin.



hair growth

At the time of the first treatment, the growth cycles of your hairs are at different stages. The hairs are not all the same length under the skin.



After the first hair removal treatment, most of your hairs will have been removed with the root.



Success! After several treatments, the growth phases of your hairs have aligned and you can enjoy your smooth skin for longer.

The right care protects and soothes your skin

After the hair removal treatment, if you wish, we can use Senzera cosmetics body care products to pamper you. Your beauty therapist will tell you what is important after the treatment:

  • Give your skin plenty of time to recover − and, here too, avoid the sun, solarium, etc. for 24 hours.
  • If you have had a treatment under your arms or in your bikini area, please avoid direct use of deodorants containing alcohol for 24h.
  • We recommend regular exfoliation 2 days after treatment. This removes dead skin cells and you prevent the risk of ingrowing hairs.



Folliculitis can occur particularly among men and in hot summer temperatures. You will find all the information in our explanatory leaflet on the subject of “folliculitis” that you can discuss in the salon with your beauty therapist.


We also treat minors. All we need for this is consent from your parents. You will find all the important information here:

Voucher for Your 1st Treatment

As a thank you for your first treatment, we will give you a €5 discount discount on a treatment of your choice*.You can simply download the voucher by clicking the button below, print it out and bring it along to your appointment in the salon. So, go for it − we’re looking forward to meeting you!

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